Rebecca was fantastic, she has this calming aura and is very naturally talented”


I booked a Clarity Session with Rebecca because I was struggling to make a decision on whether to study or change my career. I hadn’t worked with a coach before, and I expected it to be like counselling, but it was different because I gained direction to move forward. Going into the session I felt confused and anxious, however, by the end, I felt a sense of direction and I had set objectives. Rebecca made everything so simple by breaking everything down into steps. I have seen a change in myself; I’m now looking for the right type of jobs, I feel clearer and motivated.
Thank you so much Rebecca, in two sessions you changed my thinking, motivated me to achieve my goals and helped me to realise my passion for creativity.

- P.C, Bedfordshire - Clarity Session 2019

“My coaching series was surprising, motivating and rewarding”


When I first connected with Rebecca I had got to a stage of my life where I felt unhappy because I felt lost at what career direction I wanted to go in. I had never worked with a coach before and I was fairly cynical, I was expecting a lot of ‘fluff’ and inspirational jargon, however, I knew something had to change and I didn’t know where else to turn. Rebecca was really friendly and easy to talk to. She asked me a lot more probing questions than I expected that really made me think and delve into myself, which was something I had never done before. I discovered it was ok to show some vulnerability. 

I have focus and clarity now which is what I wanted; I know what is important to me and what makes me happy. I realised I needed to let go of others/society's opinions of what I should be doing and be true to myself (cheesy but it works!). Close ones can definitely see I'm happier. I'd like to thank Rebecca for all her help and providing me with the tools to get through my bad days and not give up.

- Rachel Daniels, Bedford - 3-month Coaching Series, 2019

“Rebecca was super easy to interact with”

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When I first connected with Rebecca I was struggling to decide on what course to take for a career change. Going into our session together I felt muddled, however by the end I felt clearer on which path to take. I realised that several options can lead you to the same endpoint, so I no longer felt concerned about making the perfect decision. The biggest change I have witnessed in myself is I no longer ruminate about decisions for days on end. I would describe my coaching experience as calm, clear and gave me the answers I was looking for.

- Gemma C, London - Clarity Session, 2019

“If I had to describe my coaching experience in three words, they would be enlightening, empowering and freeing”


When I first connected with Rebecca I was feeling very stuck. I felt emotionally aware but I wasn't sure how to go about getting things done. Setting goals according to how I wanted to feel felt very freeing and meant that I could really think about what would give me joy instead of what I thought I was supposed to have achieved by a certain age.

Today, I feel stronger, like I know myself and my passions well. I'm self-aware enough to be resilient to change and adversity and I feel much more confident. There were things I had been trying to work on before I started the coaching series but hadn’t made progress on, like getting a new job which I managed to achieve during the series. Rebecca helped me to stay on the right course time-wise and get things done because of the accountability, and I really appreciated the support. I feel much better about settings boundaries for myself and protecting my own time, which makes for healthier relationships with my friends, family and colleagues because I'm now honest about what I want, and what I can and can't do. Thank you!

 - Anna Sonny, London - 3-month Coaching Series, 2018

“My coaching series was positive, supportive and gave me the accountability I needed”


Prior to connecting with Rebecca, I was struggling with lack of self-confidence, particularly in relation to my creative abilities. I was also aware of certain lifestyle changes I needed to make, but I was stuck in bad habits. After the initial consultation, I knew that we would work well together, we hit it off immediately, and I felt excited to get started. After the first session, I felt so positive that I had been able to group the things I wanted to work on or change into a coherent set of goals. It felt like a relief!

The biggest change I have witnessed in myself, is that I am being authentic in expressing myself. This has led to new people coming into my life, starting a passion project, and the authenticity has in turn led to increased self-confidence. My boundaries are becoming clearer in my career and in my relationships with others. A few people close to me have said how much happier and inspired I seem since beginning coaching.

I am so grateful to you for all of your encouragement along the way! This has definitely been a game-changer for me. I feel as though I have found some focus and direction now, and it’s wonderful.

- Emma Mulholland, Leeds - 3-month Coaching Series, 2018

“To describe my coaching series in three words, encouraging, supportive and intuitive!”


When I first connected with Rebecca, I was struggling to push myself into starting a business due to a fear of failure and judgement. I decided to seek coaching, because I wanted to take action, but I felt like I needed someone to hold me accountable and guide me out of my comfort zone, which is exactly what Rebecca did for me. By the end of my first session, I felt very motivated and talking openly helped me to gain clarity on what I wanted to achieve.

The biggest change I have witnessed in myself is how I prioritise myself more, I feel more intuitive and pay attention to how I feel and what I need. I now make decisions that are aligned with my core values, which leaves me feeling more balanced. I have become more open, which has allowed me to deepen connections and make new ones. My husband can see a positive change in my overall demeanour and how much happier and content I am. I learnt that I actually enjoy the feeling of pushing myself out of my comfort zone and the results were progress in my business!

Thank you for being an awesome coach, you found the perfect balance of pushing me, whilst being gentle and understanding. You motivated me and held space for me. I could be completely open and honest with you. You always made me feel heard and I felt like you were with me all the way.

- Cindy Graham-Schmidt, Munich – 3-month Coaching Series, 2018