Have you taken a personality test?

When I last interviewed for a job I was asked to take one and it unsettled me at the time. I didn’t get the job and part of my feedback was that my personality test didn’t quite reflect the traits required for the job (although I was reassured it said a lot of lovely things about me!).

Well, I now think they are a great thing because I felt relieved when I didn’t get that role, I knew the job wasn’t right for me, however, I persevered because I thought I ‘should’ be climbing the career ladder within my field.

When I didn’t get that job my whole world changed and eventually for the better and lead me to where I am today. However, I kind of wish I had worked all this out before putting myself through the stress of applying and interviewing for a job that I knew intuitively wasn’t right for me. I wish I had taken a step back and possibly taken a personality test myself!

Even though I think they should not be taken as fact, nor a magic ‘tell-all’, I think they are a great way to help you look at yourself objectively and I believe you can gain some great insights.

If you are feeling confused about what you want from your career, I encourage you to take one - they can spark thoughts and ideas!

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