Do you check in with your mindset?

I’m going to share some of the positive mindsets I work on everyday...

  • I give up perfectionism! It was never going to happen, or feel good. I am okay with my flaws and imperfections.

  • I give up caring about what others think of me. Once you realise it’s not something you can control, and you stop people pleasing, you start to please yourself! Literally.

  • I nourish myself in self-care practices and no I am not selfish, nor feel guilty.

  • I am grounded in reality, not stories my ego might tell me (although sometimes they are just sooo gripping!)

  • I am not afraid of my thoughts, yes even the negative ones!

  • I am not afraid of wanting more.

  • I listen to my body, which is often so much wiser than my thoughts.

  • I only surround myself with people who love, support and accept me as I am! … Let the others go (with love).

  • I will always strive to be in beautiful and positive action, even when I am working through fears.

  • I read inspiring books, listen to thought provoking podcasts, follow real, raw, inspirational, uplifting people on social media.

  • I remember life is a journey. I live in the present moment which is so on trend right now, but really, you should, life is better here.

  • I take time to be still. This helps me connect to my intuition through the space created through stillness. If you don’t meditate or do this, you’ll just have to accept it takes practice. Don’t give up! And don’t feel weird about it.

  • I strive always to be clear when my ego is talking and when my soul is talking. Your ego will rarely feel good, where as your soul is just … dreamy.

  • I am my own best friend, love my own company and I have self compassion and trust myself … this creates the best version of myself to serve others - my friends, family, my love and my future clients.

What mindsets do you need to work on?