How I reconnected back to myself

Some years ago now, when I came up for air in between all the ‘stuff’ I had going on, I noticed my life was out of alignment with who I truly am; I felt heavy, I lacked in clarity and had low energy levels - all the time! Life began to feel like hard work and it felt all wrong.

We are constantly growing and evolving, however I was settling for ‘comfortable’ and ‘the known’. I made myself really busy as a distraction technique. I got to the point where I couldn’t deny the lack of purpose I felt, but I struggled to see a way out of the life I had created.

So I made a commitment to myself to slow down. Over a year my life started to look very different:

  • I committed to spending more time with myself; as I lived with friends at the time I made the investment and joined a gym which had a swimming pool and spa. I learnt how to relax and be by myself again here; mindfully.

  • I started practicing yoga again, on a regular basis.

  • I reconnected with my meditation practice and rediscovered my intuition.

  • I created a morning ritual, which you can read more about in this blog post. I believe the way you start your day, creates the tone and vibration for your whole day; and your entire life.

  • I started journaling about the exciting stuff. Since being a child I have used journaling as a tool to process my emotions and fears; which works really well for me still today, however I recognised that my journals were all doom and gloom and not a representation of me. I discovered journaling was also a brilliant way to get clarity, set intentions and explore my passions and ambitions.

  • I built a relationship with myself; I treated myself with kindness and compassion. I discovered that I loved my own company and started to feel really confident in who I was inside and out.

  • I promised myself only to say yes if I really meant it and I stopped giving myself a hard time; I addressed my people pleasing tendencies, only doing what I felt was right for me, I set boundaries and the perfectionist within me started to melt away because I had learnt self-acceptance and self-compassion. This created so much time and space for the important stuff.

  • I became more in tune with my body. I looked at my alcohol intake, my diet and how much sleep I was getting. All three were off balance. I often felt unwell from food, probably drank too much and didn’t get enough sleep. Today, I don’t put any firm restrictions on myself; but by noticing my body more I went on to realise what makes me feel good and what doesn’t; which I now allow to lead the choices I make. This is a continuous journey and I’m always checking in with my body, seeing how it feels and what it needs.

I began to feel empowered to push myself out of my comfort zone and in the direction of aligning my life with what I really wanted.

Sometimes we look for the answers externally, when all we really need to do is slow down and tune into ourselves.