Follow these 4 rules to follow through on your goals

Number 1: Seek pleasure

The way we phrase our goals is so important. If they are not positive then all they do is instil dread in us and so no wonder we don’t achieve them. For example, think about the goal ‘to lose weight’ and then think about the goal ‘to feel great in my body’. Which one is likely to help make the better choices when it come to diet and exercise?

It’s important not to set goals based on what you don’t want in your career. Setting a goal based on doing the job of your dreams, compared to setting a goal to quit the job you hate, will be so much more productive in taking you on the journey to get there. This way you are seeking your pleasure and future, not focussing on the very thing you don’t want. When you set a goal, ask yourself - am I seeking pleasure? 

Number 2: Tell your friends

For a long time I had all these ideas in my head of what I wanted to do, however I never told anyone! Eventually, I made a commitment to be open and tell friends and family, and once I did, it was out there and the accountability hit me - I actually had to try and make my ideas a reality now! So simple, but it worked so well in moving me forwards! The best thing was when I started to self-sabotage myself, I had friends to talk to, whereas before it was just me and my inner critic. 

Number 3: Keep it in view, literally 

I love writing things down, which is the first thing you could do when setting your goal. Writing it down gives your goal a physical presence, something you can hold and see. However, that’s no good if it’s in a note book in your bottom draw. So stick it somewhere visible where you can see it everyday, this is a great reminder of what you are working towards and there is no way it can get forgotten about.

Number 4: Take one step at a time

We live in a world of false promises and stories about overnight success; how to gain 1 million followers and how you can make 100k in one day. My point is, there is a tendency to want to achieve what we want straight away because we think everyone else has, however taking small steps and consistent action is the key to achieving big! Overwhelm is something a lot of us suffer from, including myself. By trying to do everything at once or too much, overwhelm will strike and you’ll likely end up achieving nothing. So avoid this by taking your next best step that will lead to the bigger picture!