Choose to be optimisitic

I want to talk today about, how to be optimistic when the world around you isn't.

It's something I struggle with. I'm energetically sensitive, so if I am close by to someone who is complaining and being pessimistic all day long, then it can leave me feeling absolutely drained!

I found myself in this situation a lot when I worked in an office. After a while, I found that I pushed my optimistic approach aside and joined in the complaining.

A few things that helped me to get out of this was realising that optimism is a choice, I can actually decide to be optimistic. I started to recognise my negatives thoughts and chose to stop them in their tracks, turning them into thoughts of gratitude and positivity, whilst imagining a more ideal future.

It was around this time I stopped actively watching/reading the news. This is not out of ignorance, I still keep myself informed of world news and I am engaged, but not in an everyday sense; first thing in the morning or last thing at night - I am now conscious of the way I consume news/media and it has made me a much happier person.

I often work on mindset with my clients and it amazes me how choosing to be optimistic can be life-changing.

Today, can you challenge one thought-pattern that doesn’t serve you? Then again tomorrow? Then for the whole week? I welcome you to change your mind, your outlook, your approach to better serve you.