6 morning habits that can transform your life

I really believe the way you start your day, creates the tone and vibration for your whole day. I like my sleep and have often started my day in a frenzy (snoozed my alarm, skipped breakfast and ran to the station - is this you too?). For some time I was stuck in bad habitual morning behaviours and my day would continue that way, until I had a moment to stop and reset.

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod is a really great book and was my inspiration for my routine.

  1. Drink water. I love my morning cup of tea, however I used to skip drinking water until my caffeine fix was over. Try drinking some water first, your body will thank you. If you add some cleansing lemon, it will thank you even more.

  2. Gratitude practice. It only takes a few minutes, however gratitude can assist in giving you your first smile of the day (which releases dopamine, endorphins and serotonin), which lifts your mood, lowers your heart rate and relaxes your body. Studies have proven that a gratitude practice can reduce stress. So, earlier the better - you can do it whilst still in bed!

  3. Gentle exercise. I’m not really a believer of an intense workout (not my thing), but gentle stretches/ yoga/ walking can really energise my body and mind for the day ahead.

  4. Meditate. This can be anywhere and for as little as 5- 20 minutes. It helps to ground myself and makes me emotionally stronger for the day. I personally like the app Insight Timer .

  5. Intention. I follow my meditation practice with setting some intentions for the day. I often set myself 3 things to accomplish. I write these down too, very important for clearing my mental chatter.

  6. Eat a healthy breakfast. I have been really bad at prioritising breakfast in the past (partly because I can’t eat gluten and my options sometimes feel very limited), however I now know it helps my energy levels, my concentration and focus ability.

I try and do the above before checking my phone (I may have a quick glance at notifications). By reading emails or messages first thing, your mind has began to be reactive, rather than proactive which can be hard to come back from. Find your inner peace first, and this way you will feel more in control of your day.

A new routine is never easy, but if you can find some determination through the first week, once you start noticing the benefits, along with noticing how you feel on the days you don’t, will be very reassuring just how good a great morning routine can be for you, your day and your life. It can really set you up for daily success!